Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 331 - March 17th, 2024

[video] Too Many Developers Ignore These Optimisations

  • the video provides a walkthrough of the steps when optimizing a voxel renderer
  • each step is explained and visualized to make it very easy to understand
  • covers a large number of optimizations and, for each, discusses the effect on performance and memory usage

Unlock Seamless Material Interchange for Virtual Worlds with OpenUSD, MaterialX, and OpenPBR

  • the article provides an overview of the different models available to describe the appearance of a mesh using OpenUSD
  • Explain the advantages and the disadvantages of the available methods

Agility SDK 1.613.0 Available Now, Including Support for GDC 2024 Showcase Features

  • the article provides an overview of all new features available in the D3D12 Agility SDK update
  • covers work graphs, new shader model, accessible memory for CPU/GPU, as well as unifications on shader creation

D3D12 Work Graphs

  • an overview from Microsft into what work graphs are
  • what possibility it enables, a brief summary of the spec
  • additionally points out the changes since the preview version last year

Work Graphs in Direct3D 12: A Case Study of Deferred Shading

  • the article provides an overview of how a G-Buffer classification system for BRDF selection can be authored using work graphs
  • provides performance numbers for the work graph and an Uber shader approach
  • discusses lessons learned, pitfalls, and performance considerations
  • It additionally discusses the open challenges and future developments

GDC 2024: Work graphs, mesh shaders, FidelityFX™, dev tools, CPU optimization, and more.

  • AMD provides a list of talks they will be presenting at GDC (starting today)
  • each talk is given a small summary and where it’s taking place

Font- and vector-art rendering with mesh shaders

  • the article provides a detailed walkthrough of how to implement Loop’s and Blinn’s font rendering approach from Siggraph 2005
  • provides an overview of the approach with many visualizations
  • shows how to implement the algorithm using D3D12 mesh shaders
  • source code is provided

Random walk method for quaternions

  • the blog post discusses a method for generating uniformly distributed quaternions
  • explains the theory of quaternion and the proposed method to generate random rotations
  • provides an implementation without using trigonometric in C++ SIMD as well as GLSL

Cross-Stage Shader Optimization

  • the whitepaper presents which tools and optimizations passes in spirv-cross and glslang are available to optimize shaders, taking advantage of knowledge from multiple shader stages
  • shows an example of how vertex outputs can be eliminated if the connected pixel shader doesn’t read the attribute

Recreating Nanite: LOD generation - faster, better, simpler

  • second part in an article series about creating a LODing system that allows per-cluster LOD selection
  • focuses on performance and quality fixes for the proposed solution from part 1

[video] 3D Gaussian Splatting! - Computerphile

  • the video provides an explanation of Gaussian Splatting and how it connects to point clouds and nerfs
  • presents the base idea and optimizations that have been applied to speed up the technique

PIX 2403.08 – New D3D12 features + misc PIX improvements

  • the blog post provides an overview of new features and improvements in PIX
  • additionally presents at which state of support the new D3D12 features, such as shader graph, shader model 6.8, etc.

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