Rust Game - Part 1 - Overview

This is the start of a series of small posts about my game development endeavors using Rust. I have been using Rust more and more in my free time projects but never used it in a larger project.

This will be my first larger project using Rust, and I will talk about my learnings here. So what I am making?

alt text

Going to make a simple “Match 3” game from scratch.

My goals for the final project result are

  • Implement full game-flow (Menus, Options, Loading, Gameplay, Pause screen, etc.)
  • Multiple levels
  • Save game system
  • Audio (Music and Sound Effects)


  • Windows only
  • fixed resolution
  • D3D11 renderer
  • using no external crates at runtime, besides winapi

Tools might be using some crates, but I want to keep the game itself free from external dependencies as much as possible.