Rust Game Series - Part 15 - Texture Pipeline and Pixel Perfect Rendering

This part presents a ninja-based texture asset pipeline, render textures, and finally debug that results are pixel perfect.

Rust Game Series - Part 14 - DDS Parser

The part discusses handling errors, testing, and binary file parsing with a DDS parser example.

Rust Game Series - Part 13 - Modules

Discussing how to split the game state code into multiple modules, including an introduction into the Rust module system.

Rust Game Series - Part 12 - Game States

Shows how to structure the game state, handle transitions, and split the dynamic from the static state.

Rust Game Series - Part 11 - Mouse Input

Shows how to extend the existing architecture to support mouse input processing on Windows.

Rust Game Series - Part 10 - API cleanup and resource lifetime management

The post provides an overview of the API, how the Rust drop trait is used to implement D3D11 resource cleanup that follows the Rust semantics.

Rust Game Series - Part 9 - Rust compilation structure

This article presents an overview of the Rust compilation model and how it informs the code structure for the project.

Rust Game Series - Part 8 - Using Visual Studio

This article presents my setup on how to use Visual Studio with Rust on Windows.

Rust Game Series - Part 7 - Rust lifetimes and GPU Constant Allocator

Rust Game Series - Part 6 - Drawing a procedural quad

This week covers how to load shaders, generate a quad in a vertex shader without using vertex and index buffers, record a command list and execute it.