Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 219 - January 23, 2022

Shader tips and tricks

  • the article contains a collection of 53 tips & tricks to consider when writing shaders
  • contains performance advice, common pitfalls, as well as optimization advice

Removing Banding in Linelight

  • the article discusses how noise can help to reduce banding in light gradients
  • presents the effects of noise on the visual perceptions
  • shows how to implement the required noise operations in a Unity shader

[video] The Unreasonable Effectiveness of JPEG: A Signal Processing Approach

  • the video provides a great introduction to image compression topics
  • covering Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), YCbCr Color space as well as Run-length/Huffman Encoding
  • explained in the context of jpeg but applicable to other data compression problems


Core 3D Software Engineer

Darmstadt (GER), alternatively remote

You are helping our core team to develop cutting-edge 3D data optimization technology, being used in production pipelines to process millions of 3D data sets each year, fully-automatically. You are performing research on 3D mesh processing, texture baking, UV mapping, optimization algorithms and ML-based algorithms for 3D data optimization and QA.

Behind the Pretty Frames: God of War

  • the WIP article presents a walkthrough of a frame of God of War (PC version)
  • explaining wind and GPU particle simulation
  • shows how snow deformation has been achieved in more detail
  • additionally presents a view at how UI rendering is mainly implemented with grey-scaled source textures

Visualizing VGPR Pressure with Radeon™ GPU Analyzer 2.6

  • the article presents the new VGPR Pressure Visualization view
  • the tool can show how many VGPRs are used on each line and how usage needs to be reduced to see a benefit

The Perlin Problem: Moving Past Square Noise

  • the article presents the shortcomings of Perlin noise and what causes these
  • shows how to implement simplex noise that can archive better results
  • additionally discusses how to improve the information that is shared with the community at large to improve teaching and information sharing

[video] Tech Focus: Nvidia DLDSR - What Does AI Downsampling Actually Do?

  • the video presents super sampling techniques
  • showing the issues introduced if super-sampling is done with a scaling factor that is not evenly dividable to the downsample target
  • presents how the NVidia DLDSR improves upon image quality
  • shows the comparison of different settings against native 4x downsampling as well native 1080p images

[video] Talk - Practical Pigment Mixing for Digital Painting

  • the paper presents the novel mixbox model for natural color mixing that matches the painting of oil colors
  • explains how color mixing in digital software behaves
  • presents why previous models were impractical to be implemented and how it was improved

Radeon™ GPU Profiler 1.12 released

  • the article presents the new debug views that can visualize the wavefront execution patterns
  • able to show execution latencies for each instruction
  • show how many cycles of latency could be hidden by SALU and VALU work

Viewing DirectX® 12 Named Resources with Radeon™ Memory Visualizer 1.3

  • the article presents how to show resource name usage in the AMD memory visualization
  • additionally contains a Troubleshooting section as Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is required to collect the necessary information

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