Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 276 - February 26th, 2023

How to render it. Ten ideas to solve Computer Graphics problems.

  • the article presents an overview of 10 aspects to consider when approaching solving a computer graphics problem
  • discusses the importance of understanding the working space, data representation, as well as time constraints
  • presents how to take advantage of generic data science techniques (such as data visualization/exploration, Numerical optimization, …) to gain new insights
  • additionally shows how ground truth and Machine learning techniques can be combined to develop an intuition of the limits of a given solution

Setting up a bindless rendering pipeline

  • the talk describes to setup a bindless rendering pipeline using Vulkan, D3D12, and HLSL shaders
  • shows how to set up the CPU side management to allow GPU side validation
  • describes the emulations required for Vulkan

Reading Veach’s Thesis, Part 2

  • the article continues a series of understanding the Robust Monte Carlo Methods for Light Transport Simulation master thesis
  • this article focuses on the understanding of multiple-importance sampling
  • explains the insights required to better understand the balance heuristic especially

Two-pass Gaussian blur coeffifients generator

  • the article provides a calculator that generates offsets and weights for a separable Gaussian blur filter
  • allows the specification of a couple of settings (radius, sigma, filtering mode, …) and generates GLSL code
  • explains the underlying logic and shows how to implement the filter in GLSL

WebGPU Error Handling best practices

  • the article describes the error handling techniques that are available when using WebGPU
  • defaults will print detailed errors to the console, but developers can define scopes to collect information from the program and attach additional information to objects
  • additionally presents how to collect detailed information from shader compilation errors

Vulkanised 2023

  • the official website collects the links to the videos and slides of the talks presented at the Vulkanised 2023 conference
  • not all talks have slides at this time

An Open Letter to ARM / Mali: Please stop doing this

  • the article presents issues with the ARM/mali GPU device IDs and how they relate to GPU performance for game setting tweaking
  • shows how that reusing the same ID for multiple chips with large performance delta makes it challenging to identify capabilities correctly

Thanks to Aras Pranckevicius for support of this series.

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