Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 304 - September 10th, 2023

[pdf] Authoring Materials That Matters - Substrate in Unreal Engine 5

  • The presentation covers the development of a new material model based on Slaps, Operators, and Trees
  • explains what these three concepts represent and the issues they aim to resolve
  • shows the implementation details, data storage, and integration into the rendering pipeline
  • additionally presents how to integrate visualization for tool purposes

What we talk about when we talk about Ray Tracing?

  • The article provides an overview of ray tracing rendering concepts
  • shows a summary of different methods such as Ray Marching, Cone tracing, and photon mapping
  • discusses how it fits into the rendering pipeline as well as what phenomenons it enables to be simulated

Gaussian Splatting is pretty cool!

  • The blog post describes a brief overview of the Gaussian Splatting technique
  • how it compares to previous techniques
  • additionally discusses memory and performance of the demo application

Interlocked min/max on HLSL single precision floats

  • The article discusses a technique to implement atomic min/max operations on HLSL (that doesn’t support it natively)
  • presents how to map floats into uints and reverse the mappings

GM Shaders Mini: Imagination

  • The blog post shows the importance of thinking in gradients
  • Consider acceptable input domains and output ranges to prevent errors and unexpected results
  • Utilize periodic functions, trigonometry, dot products, and exponentiation for various shader effects and measurements

Constant Time Stateless Shuffling and Grouping

  • The article introduces how to encrypt/decrypt are methods to allow reversible changes to data
  • shows how to generate cheaper models than cryptographical methods to solve specific problems
  • expands the concepts to present a method that allows grouping and shuffling in a stateless manner
  • provides source code for a couple of examples of the presented techniques

[video] Wow, NVIDIA’s Rendering, But 10X Faster!

  • The video presents a comparison of 3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering against Instant NeRF techniques
  • discusses a summary of the technique and how it can achieve the results without using any neural networks

[video] I Tried Simulating The Entire Ocean

  • The video provides a discussion of ocean simulation and shading
  • presents an overview of the theory, mathematics, and practical considerations for implementation
  • additionally presents a look at the shading models for water surfaces

At A Glance: The Aliasing Problem in Computer-Generated Shaded Images

  • The article presents a brief discussion of Aliasing in computer graphic
  • presents how the sampling patterns cause the artifact
  • additionally presents techniques to resolve the artifacts

[pdf] HypeHype Mobile Rendering Architecture

  • The presentation provides a detailed look at how the rendering API for HypeHype was rewritten for a modern mobile architecture
  • discusses a large spectrum of topics from API design approach, memory API, data update frequency
  • shows in detail how the draw operations are represented for the most efficient rendering performance
  • presents performance numbers on PC and various mobile hardware

[pdf] Large-Scale Terrain Rendering in Call of Duty

  • The presentation covers the terrain rendering methods used in previous Call of Duty and shows the shortcomings
  • discusses how the new method virtual texturing method improves upon the issues
  • shows the implementation details as well as new capabilities that have been enabled

GFXReconstruct on Android - How-To Guide

  • The article presents the steps necessary to use the GFXReconstruct on Android
  • how to capture the information and replay it at a later date

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