Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 325 - February 4th, 2024

TRIPS: Trilinear Point Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering

  • the paper presents a novel approach to the Point Splatting rendering technique
  • the presented approach uses multi-layered feature maps that are processed with a neural network to generate the final output

Breakdown: Syndicate (2012)

  • the blog post presents a frame investigating into a frame of the game syndicate from 2012
  • shows the different rendering passes and provides an overview of the techniques used in each pass

[video] I made a Compression Algorithm for Heightmap Terrain

  • the video explains a compression technique developed for height field compression
  • covering quantization, quadtree, delta encoding, as well as linear regression
  • source code as a Godot implementation is provided

The Apparent Simplicity of RGB Rendering

  • the blog post describes the observer correlation and coupling that is introduced into computer graphics through the use of RGB rendering
  • explains physical definitions of terms and how the rendering definitions introduce these inherent limitations compared to spectral definitions


Unreal Developer (m/w/d)


We are Threedy, a dynamic startup that emerged as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD in Darmstadt in 2020.

Threedy develops and distributes instant3Dhub - the first Visual Computing as a Service technology. It enables the productive use of Mixed Reality and digital work scenarios in any industrial applications in a simple and straightforward manner.

As an Unreal Developer, you will be involved in the development of our distributed rendering system and work on integrating our technology with the Unreal Engine.

Examining AMD’s RDNA 4 Changes in LLVM

  • the blogpost discusses the changes AMD made to LLVM
  • these changes might indicate hardware changes coming for the upcoming RDNA4 generation

[video] Vulkan For Beginners Tutorial #1

  • the video introduces a new Vulkan tutorial
  • the video focuses on the introduction of the audience, software/hardware requirements
  • shows how to set up Vulkan and create a window

Introducing HIP RT v2.2

  • the article presents updates in HIP (Heterogeneous-compute Interface for Portability) Raytracing implementation
  • presents how multi-level instancing allows reduction of memory usage
  • additionally discusses BVH construction speed improvements

[video] When Optimisations Work, But for the Wrong Reasons

  • the video provides an in-depth explanation of why LOD (Level of Detail) for 3D models helps to improve rendering performance
  • shows how the hardware pipeline is organized, what data GPUs are optimized, and how different workloads cause different bottlenecks
  • explains all stages of the pipeline involved and provides additional reading sources

An Introduction To BCn Texture Compression, Part 1: BC4

  • the article presents the start into a series of explaining BC (DDS, Block Compression) formats
  • this part shows how to build a working BC4 compressor
  • explains each step and discusses the limitations of the presented techniques

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