Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 329 - March 3rd, 2024

Ray-Tracing Validation at the Driver Level

  • the article presents a new driver-level validation for Ray-Tracing implemented by Nvidia
  • discusses what kind of issues can be detected by the system and how they are reported to the developer
  • presents how to enable the system and expected performance overhead

[video] How Persona Combines 2D and 3D Art

  • presents a complete walkthrough of the forward rendering model employed by Persona 3 Reload
  • discusses how different effects are combined to create the stylized rendering effects
  • provides an overview of shading, shadowing, and ray-tracing integrations
  • presents how art-driven effects are integrated to improve the visual appearance
  • additionally, it presents how the UI system is integrated

How video games use LUTs and how you can too

  • the article explains the concept of Look Up Textures (LUT)
  • shows different use cases with interactive examples
  • discusses 1D and 3D Lookup textures
  • covering examples from Left 4 Dead of how LUTs are used and the possibilities they enable

Look, Ma, No Matrices!

  • the article discusses the feasibility of replacing 4X4 Matrix multiplications with Geometric Algebra concepts in a forward renderer
  • presents the implementation of the required concepts and how to replace classical methods
  • discusses conversion limitations when using normal maps
  • additionally, it discusses the amount of instruction required for different operations

DirectX Innovation on Display at GDC 2024

  • Microsoft presents what will be discussed at GDC 2024
  • Introducing DirectSR (Super Resolution), a new API for the uniform integration of different super-resolution solutions with the same API
  • will be presenting an update on Work graphs and how they will affect GPU programming in the future

How (Not) To Optimize Shaders

  • the article presents the importance of profiling when optimizing
  • shows a comparison between precomputed sample positions (with a buffer load) and on-the-fly computations

Creating a Surface Handle // Vulkan For Beginners #4

  • the short video tutorial explains how to create and destroy a surface handle from a GLTF window

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